Integration and administration

Integration of existing solutions and IS administration

We can integrate all our products and solutions to your existing system very quickly and without any problems.
We do not only offer the complete administration of our systems, but also outsourcing of your existing solutions, by which we are able to free your resources. Spend your time only on your business and not on IT!
Integration of our existing online booking system with your existing webpage is the fastest way how to enter the Online tour booking market.
Graphically adjustable booking system can be implemented to your page within 24 hours. You can begin to sell online hotels, holidays or charter flights as soon as tomorrow!
Integration of booking component is easy and fast and does not include any major changes to your existing systems.
We are able to perfectly adjust our integrated booking system to your corporate identity or existing website, so that it matches best with your presentation.

Our references
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Webpage modernisation

Is your internet presentation obsolete, disfunctional and missing the modern „glimpse“? You can get an impressive discount on integration of our online booking system when ordering our complete redesign package!

Tailor-made development?

Schedule a personal appointment or tele-consultation and get the information about the possibility of integrating Online tour sale system with your existing website or development of complete tailor-made website.